Decorative Overlays

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Revitalize Your Flooring with Decorative OverlaysSafe and Functional Flooring

Your floor is one of the largest components of your home. It is an investment and a point of pride. Improve the look, feel, and value of your property with decorative overlays. DC Coatings provides a hassle-free approach to floor resurfacing. Explore your options with us and create a new atmosphere for your home or business.

The Benefits of a Decorative Overlay

For a cost-effective change of scenery, decorative concrete overlay is a sensible choice. At its core, a decorative overlay is a cement-based coating that can be applied to concrete floors and walls. This coating may be applied with a trowel or through a spray. Whichever application method you prefer, decorative overlays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Safe and Functional Flooring

Make your flooring last with a decorative overlay. Overlays act much like protective coatings. They guard your existing flooring or walls from abrasives, water, snow, salt from deicing, and UV radiation. On top of that, they also provide a durable, slip-resistant surface. As such, decorative overlays are an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, such as outdoor patios, kitchens, living rooms, and walkways. These coatings establish safe and attractive spaces.

The Aesthetic EffectDecorative Overlays

Give your property a personality of its own and customize your space. As overlays are mixed with many different materials, a decorative overlay successfully imitates the appearance of many popular materials, such as slate, tile, or brick. Its diverse array of colors also allows many different pattern designs and combinations. Your customization choices are limited only by your imagination. Of course, our contractor is available to help realize your preferred visual effects.

Spray Application – A Practical Investment

Protect your floor and make it last. Our concrete restoration contractor is available to perform spray application overlay for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Spray application is a quick and hassle-free way to attain beautiful and durable concrete surfaces. Since we bring our own equipment and materials, you can have confidence that your floors and walls will look how you want in a timely manner.

Request an estimate today, and attain the surfaces you want at an affordable price. Whether you wish to apply a spray coating to one room or your entire property, our team adapts to your specific needs. Choose a combination of colors and designs, or establish a uniform appearance. Our concrete restoration team completes projects of any size, all while working within your budget.

Contact us today to request an estimate for concrete decorative overlays. Our concrete restoration company provides affordable services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout the state of Wisconsin.